Queen of Hearts - Like A Drug

The DIY Queen of Hearts, Liz Morphew, burst onto the scene in late 2011 with debut EP The Arrival and the independent electronic powerhouse has showed no signs of slowing down since. Her signature synth filled style is completely EDM based music and fashion forward visuals, with an added overlay of flawless production. Produced by Robert Francis Muller, the music video for “Like A Drug” accompanies her debut album Cocoon, which exploded onto the scene completely by surprise for listeners. The track itself is lovelorn, intensely seductive and a serotonin bursting blend of straight EDM and electro, but the music video takes it to the next level with it’s decidedly simple approach. The entire video focuses on both straight-ahead and warped shots of her face, with an EDM appropriate triangle theme. Based on these visuals, we’re sure that the Queen of Hearts will only continue engage and attract listeners.

Electric Youth - Runaway

After becoming a leader in the flood of dreamy 80s-inspired synth acts to arise since the movie Drive, Canadian boy/girl duo, and middle school sweethearts, Electric Youth is finally getting ready to release their debut full length. Bronwyn Griffin and Austin Garrick have a knack for flawlessly melding sugary vocals and an aura of synths into pop masterpieces filled with youth, melancholy, and nostalgia. Their latest single “Runaway” falls right in line with everything else the two have cooked up over the past couple of years. Previous to “Runaway” the duo released singles “Innocence” and “The Best Thing,” both of which appear on their album.

Coldplay & Cat Power - Wish I Was Here

Wish I Was Here, director Zach Braff’s long-in-the-works Garden State follow-up, looks like molten garbage, but perhaps Braff deserves credit for lining up some musical big dogs for the movie’s soundtrack. We’ve already heard the Shins’ “So Now What” and Bon Iver’s “Heavenly Father,” and now the unlikely collaboration “Wish I Was Here” has made its way online. Coldplay’s Chris Martin wrote the song, and Cat Power’s Chan Marshall sang it, with Martin later adding backing harmonies. It’s a slow, stately piano ballad, and it sounds very much like a Coldplay song, but Marshall’s voice can add weary authority to just about anything. Listen to the song below while you read NPR’s explanation of how it came about…


Robyn Sherwell - Love Somebody (Turtle Remix)

British songstress Robyn Sherwell’s bittersweet ballad Love Somebody received a breathtaking, mellow remix treatment that will make you float away and dissolve into thin air. Scottish producer Turtle’s remix is is a downtempo beauty off Robyn’s Love Somebody EP, out this week on Birdland Records. It’s an edit that takes an already immaculate song and creates a sensation of soft murmurs and gentle caresses out of the gem.